Death from Above 1979: The Physical World

September 9th 2014 was like Christmas day for me. It was the day that Death From Above 1979 released their new album. After 10 years since their last record, I have been anxiously waiting for new material. My long wait ended with the release of The Physical World. It was all I could have imagined plus more.


I heard DFA for the first time when I was in grade 8. Something about “If we don’t make it we’ll fake it”, really got me hooked. No matter where I go I can find fellow DFA-heads. The mutual love leads to a fast friendship.

I didn’t see them live until a few ago in Halifax. They hadn’t performed in years and it was a dream come true to see them together on stage. I even had a “pay for DFA to come to Hali” fund in my kitchen which consisted of a sticky red solo cup filled with whatever coins we found around the house after a party. I think I managed to save $3.24, but they came without any financial input from my pathetic fund.


I for one am not very good at the mosh-pit. I am always the one to get pushed to the ground and sat on, or have bleeding gums after a rogue fist to the face. All the horrors of the pit were so worth it to be as close to Death From Above 1979 as I got.

The album consists of 11 songs in their signature, unique style. My favourites have to be White is Red, Virgins, and Gemini. Like You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, I can listen to the record on repeat and never get sick of it.


Death From Above 1979 are performing at the Sound Academy on December 5th. I cannot wait to see their new material live. The countdown begins!


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