Who doesn’t love a good mix?

The latest in music news is the discovery of an experimental mix tape made by Kurt Cobain prior to his rise to fame with Nirvana. The mix is called “Montage of Heck”, and is a 36-minute journey into the musical mind of the young rocker. Although it is not something I would pop in the car to rock out to, it really gives you an idea of some of Cobain’s influences. It includes great hits mixed in such as “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin, and “ABC” by the Jackson Five.

CC syntec on flickr

CC syntec on flickr

I am not going to make a claim that this demonstrates the Nirvana front man’s inner demons and conflicts. I don’t think it really speaks to who he was. It is arguably as much of an invasion into his personal life as it was when his diary was published. However, I have to admit it is a pretty awesome part of music history.

I for one have always been a fan of a good mix tape, or C.D since I live in 2014. There is no better gift. I have spent months stressing over every detail when I have made C.D’s for friends. From the flow, to transition between songs, to the right song choice, I have put more effort into my mixes than any essay or project I have ever completed. Nothing makes happier than hearing my friend say how much he or she loved my C.D. It is such a personal item, and a great deal of thought and love goes into its creation.


Nothing I have made comes near to the level of creativity in Montage of Heck. I might have to look into getting a 4 Track Recorder.


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