A Quick note on the Grammys

I don’t usually watch the Grammys. I’ve always been confused and somewhat skeptical about the criteria for the nominations. However, I thought in the interest of research that I should check them out on Sunday. I was pleasantly surprised. There were amazing performances including: Hozier with Annie Lennox; Ed Sheeran with John Mayer and Quest Love; Paul McCartney with Rhianna and Kanye West; Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige. Sam Smith! So happy to see the amount of awards he raked in. I was also stunned by Katy Perry’s powerful performance.

Of course it wouldn’t be an award show without Kanye West making a dick out of himself. Is anyone else sick of his antics?

CC Lukas W on flickr

CC Lukas W on flickr

Some saw Kanye’s move as a way of him being able to poke fun at himself—I saw right through that. This was confirmed not even an hour after the ceremony when he gave his pathetic Entertainment interview, claiming that “Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyonce.” The only person who isn’t showing artistry is Kanye. Artists should support one another, even those whose sound is outside of what they know.

CC jena ardell on flickr

Beck deserved to win Album of the Year based on his reaction to Kanye alone. He was happy to have Kanye onstage with him, and even agreed saying he thought Beyonce would win too. He is one classy guy. I personally am very happy he won the award. This is just more proof I needed that Rock and Roll is not dead. As Neil Young wisely said, “Rock and Roll can never die”.

CC Old As Jive on flickr


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