Rock n’ Roll Gods

After waiting for seven and a half months in anticipation, I finally got to see my new favourite band – Royal Blood – open for the Foo Fighters last night at the Molson Amphitheatre.


Unfortunately, the concert began at 7 o’clock on the dot and I missed majority of Royal Blood’s performance. I couldn’t believe the show would start so early. However, I soon learned why. The Foo Fighters took the stage at 8:30 pm and played until past the Amphitheatre’s curfew of 11. They promised a Foo Fighters show, and man we got one.


I have the utmost respect for Dave Grohl. Breaking his leg while on stage in Sweden just a month ago didn’t stop him from continuing his tour. It didn’t even stop him from finishing the show the night it happened! He had his road crew, the greatest road crew in the world as Grohl says, built him a Foo Fighters throne that he had roughly drafted blue prints from his pain killer-filled mind.

CC Ernie jCkson on flickr

CC Ernie jCkson on flickr

Regardless of his broken leg forcing him to sit on his throne, he gave one of the best performances I have ever seen. He is the definition of a true performer, as he knows what the audience wants and he gives it to them. He played all the songs we wanted to hear, and added a personable touch by making it feel like this show was unique and separate from all the others on this world tour.

CC Jake Caldiero on flickr

CC Jake Caldiero on flickr

Note: if you have a sign, your wish is his command. He had a six-year old girl with a sign that said it was her first concert join him on stage, and enjoy the rest of the concert backstage sitting next to his mom. Another guy with a sign that said was brought up to join the Foo Fighters to play “Big Me” because of his sign, “It’s my birthday can I play drums.”


Despite missing majority of the Royal Blood set, I give this concert a top 3 status in the best ones I have ever attended list.


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