Do’s and Don’ts of Festival Going

In honour of my time at WayHome, I decided to make a HOW TO FESTIVAL GUIDE, for some of the major mistakes I saw this past weekend. I am no park ranger camper- but these rules should maximize the amount of fun you and your friends will experience at your next summer festival.



1. Forget the shade tent

Shade tents sometimes go overlooked. They are a necessity! You will fry, become dehydrated and pass out without them. Don’t make the same mistake these girls did.


2. Worry about how you look

Leave the make-up and eyelash curlers at home! This isn’t Friday at Crocodile Rock. Who do you have to impress? Festivals are all about being DURTY. Take it from me-  you will still have a great time without eyeliner and showers.

3. Be too concerned with staying with the group

If you drove up with your 20 best friends you haven’t seen in awhile, you might put all your efforts in staying together the entire weekend. This isn’t always a great idea. You will miss out on shows, food and activities that you want to do if you are too concerned about staying with your pack. Having one or two festival buddies is the best way to do it- someone to come to the bathroom with you when you don’t want to leave the crowd by yourself, and someone who will make sacrifices to come to the shows you want see. “I’ll see Vance Joy with you if you see Courtney Barnett with me”. Isn’t that nice?



1. Bring tents!

Unless you are VIP status and have an RV- you need a tent. Again don’t make the same mistake our neighbours did and sleep in your van. Rookie move.


2. Drink Fireball and Malibu Rum

I know, I know. I was wary at first too. Fireball is for sneaking into hockey games and drinking in the snow I thought! But these liquors survive and thrive in the heat and taste great solo. You only have so much room to smuggle in mickeys or an old-fashioned smushed up water bottle down your pants. Ciders are also key in the morning- and all the beer and bagged wine for your camp site.

3. Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen!

You will tan either way, and hydration is the key to success!

To be honest, however you wanna do it is the right way. However, I guarantee if you follow these simple rules, you will be the Gandalf of festivals.




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