England Rock n’ Roll Tour


The Magical Mysteries bus tour is a Beatles tour of Liverpool to the family homes of the Fab Four. It also took us to the schools they went to, and several of the important places that inspired the music.



I never realized Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields were written after real places in Liverpool. It was amazing to see where the inspiration for the world’s most iconic band comes from. I was really taken by Liverpool. I think I’m biased to like places that are located by the ocean, but Liverpool was not at all what I was expecting. I think our “North American Scum” perspective is that Liverpool is gloomy, full of factories and brown brick buildings that all look the same. (Or maybe my perspective is completely taken from ‘Across the Universe’) It was really dark and rainy, however, Liverpool is a bright and lively place. The buildings are so old and beautiful, and it’s apparently the most “green” city in the UK, with so many beautiful parks.

Paul McCartney's family home, Liverpool, England

Paul McCartney’s family home, Liverpool, England

The city is very much one big Beatles tour. I was wondering if the people who work there get sick of listening to and talking about them, but then I think how could you ever tire of the Beatles? Everywhere you went there were Beatles paraphernalia to see and their music to listen to. It was really fantastic.


The Cavern Club

Located at 1- Mathew Street in Liverpool, the Cavern Club became the centre for rock n’ roll, and “the birthplace” of the Beatles. The band made their first appearance February 1961, when they returned to Liverpool from Hamburg.

Several other huge acts performed at the club including The Kinks, The Yardbirds, Elton John, Queen, The Who and The Rolling Stones. Now it is very much a Beatles tribute club, mostly filled with tourists. It had such a great vibe, really reminding me of some of the pubs in Halifax. A solo acoustic guitarist played sing-along Beatles covers. I could have sat there for hours, just soaking in the history, and drinking many Kronenbourgs.



I didn’t spend a lot of time in London, however I made a point to go and visit the bronze, life-size statue of Amy Winehouse. The statue was revealed on what would have been her 31st birthday. Located in Camden – an area she apparently loved and lived in, the statue is at the epicentre of this incredible market. You could easily lose yourself for hours wandering around the many shops and stalls of the market – it would also leave you many “pounds” lighter. Walking through the tunnels among the shops almost reminded me of the souks of Marrakesh. Hopefully Amy Winehouse would have been honoured to have her statue in such an amazing area.


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