Wolfmother | Danforth Music Hall | Saturday Feb. 27, 2016

I’ve been wanting to see Wolfmother live ever since I first heard their debut self-titled album in 2005. The long wait was well worth it. Playing almost the entirety from their first album along with some of their newer hits, Woflmother put on one of the most energetic and exciting shows I’d ever seen live.


The Danforth Music Hall performance was for the Victorious Tour, after the release of their fourth studio album, Victorious (February 19).


Unaware that there are only three members in the group, I was completely blown away by the huge sound Wolfmother creates. I now understand how shocked and impressed people were when they first heard Cream and couldn’t believe that sound came from only the three people on stage.

Unfortunately my pictures suck, but at least you can get an idea of their dope mountainous wolf backdrop.


My only criticism was the length. It was way too short ending at 10PM! That’s not very Rock n’ Roll at all. I can only hope they ended it because they had sex, drugs and girls waiting for them at their after party.


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