Dylan Menzie at the Burdock.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a very intimate show to see Dylan Menzie, along with Camille Delean and Brad Fillatre at the Burdock this past Sunday. This is the second time I’ve seen the East Coast charmer perform live, but after hearing his single “Kenya” play on CBC Radio 2 throughout the summer, I knew Menzie was a new artist to keep an eye on.


Nothing excites me more about an artist than when you can see how they are remaining true to who they are. Menzie has a humble authenticity to him that really absorbs the audience.

I was very excited that he played Disciples again, ending one of his own with a little taste of a Tame Impala cover. I was just as caught off guard as the last time, as it’s beyond impressive to recreate the Australian neo-psychedelia sound with a acoustic trio. It felt almost as if he was playing to my last post, because he also channeled his inner Paul, covering Simon & Garfunkel.


You can catch Menzie throughout the remainder of the month in Ontario before he heads back east in the New Year.


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